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Selective Process 2nd Semester 2021

The Graduate Committee of the School of Chemical Engineering makes public the Notice for the opening of applications and establishes the rules for the selection process. Documents must be e-mailed to Graduate Office.

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Subjects and Graduate Schedule

Subjects and schedules for the second semester of 2021 are now available. Pay attention to the selection of disciplines according to your graduate course (Master or Doctorate) and the criteria required for a degree.

Disciplines – 2nd semester 2021

Schedule of Subjects 2nd semester of 2021

Mandatory Disciplines Program

2nd Semester 2021 Elective Course Program

Graduate Seminar Series

The Graduate Seminar Series is a seminar forum that is conducted entirely in English. The seminars are available on our YouTube channel:

Graduate Seminar Series - 2S 2021 | Schedule

Syngas fermentation for large-scale ethanol production

September – 10th / 13:00hs

Eduardo Almeida Benalcázar
PhD Student
Departamento de Desenvolvimento de Processos e Produtos
School of Chemical Engineering – UNICAMP

Mechanisms and Ocurrence of Detonations in Vapor Cloud Explosions

October – 15th / 13:00hs

Prof. Elaine Oran
Aerospace Engineering
Texas A&M University

Materials discovery and molecular engineering of metal-organic frameworks

November – 10th / 13:00hs

Dr. David Fairen-Jimenez
Associate Professor
Department of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering
University of Cambridge

Thermal Storage – Opportunities and Challenges

December – 09th / 13:00hs

Dr. Daniel Fernandes Bacellar
Assistant Research Professor
Center for Environmental Energy Engineering (CEEE)
University of Maryland

Welcome to the School of Chemical Engineering Graduate Program page

The Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) aims to enable, in its various areas of concentration, higher education professionals to develop activities related to research, teaching, and scientific and technological development in the field of Chemical Engineering. The Graduate Course was started in March 1980 at the Master’s level and in March 1989 at the Doctoral level. The teaching and research activities are concentrated in the Chemical Engineering Concentration area, and are developed within the following departments:

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