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Processo Seletivo – Mestrado e Doutorado

A Comissão de Pós-Graduação da Faculdade de Engenharia Química da Universidade Estadual de Campinas torna público o Edital de abertura de inscrições e estabelece as normas para o processo
seletivo. A documentação deve ser enviada por e-mail para secretaria do programa.

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Disciplinas e Horário Pós Graduação

As disciplinas e horários para o primeiro semestre de 2024 já estão disponíveis. Fique atento para a seleção das disciplinas de acordo com o seu curso de pós-graduação (mestrado ou doutorado) e os critérios exigidos para titulação.

Disciplinas 1º semestre de 2024

Horários e Distribuição das Salas das Disciplinas – 1º semestre de 2024

Programa das Disciplinas Obrigatórias

Programa das Disciplinas Eletivas do 1º Semestre de 2024

Graduate Seminar Series

O Graduate Seminar Series é um fórum de seminários que é realizado totalmente em língua inglesa. Os seminários são disponibilizados no nosso canal do YouTube:

Graduate Seminar Series

Dr Fatemeh Salehi, the School of Engineering, Macquarie University, Austrália

Dr Fatemeh Salehi is the Academic Lead for Sustainability at the Faculty of Science and Engineering and an Associate Professor at the School of Engineering, Macquarie University. Her expertise is in the development of physical models for computational fluid dynamic simulations of single- and multi-phase flows to advance sustainable energy technologies. Her team is particularly interested in computational modelling and optimisation techniques to scale the safe and efficient applications of clean fuels such as hydrogen, ammonia, and biomass. Her research in the field of hydrogen application has been recognised in the NSW Hydrogen Strategy published by the NSW Government, Australia in 2021. Dr Salehi is a Fulbright alumni, an International Hydrogen Fellow, an executive member of the Combustion Institute, a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Blue Economy Corporative Research Centre, and a member of Working Groups of Standards Australia for the development of hydrogen standards. She is also a recipient of the NSW Young Tall Poppy Award, the Maria Skyllas-Kazacos Early Career Award, the Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society Emerging Leaders Award, and the Bilger Early Career Researcher Award.

Seminar: “Hydrogen: challenges and opportunities – an Australian perspective”

Abstract: Hydrogen is a potential energy solution to address global warming, climate change, and energy security challenges. It can create a practical pathway to replace fossil fuels and move toward net-zero targets in the transport, heavy industries, and energy sectors. Various hydrogen strategies and industry roadmaps have been developed to identify key goals, set targets for progress, and develop strategic plans to address challenges such as high costs associated with production, storage, operation, and maintenance systems, as well as concerns about safety, reliability, and regulatory approvals. This talk provides an overview of hydrogen challenges and opportunities from an Australian perspective and discusses some key safety concerns in scaling hydrogen.

10th of  May 2024. 09:00 hs. On YouTube.


Prof. Abbas Firoozabadi, University of Michigan

Abbas Firoozabadi has a PhD degree from the Illinois Institute Technology and did post-doctoral research at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. Professor Firoozabadi has taught graduate level courses on equilibrium and irreversible thermodynamics at the University of Texas-Austin, Imperial College London, Yale University, Tokyo University, Rice University, and Peking University. He has established a research consortium at the Reservoir Engineering Research Institute (RERI) in Palo Alto, Ca with the funding from major energy companies in the US and abroad, and US-DOE.

Seminar: “CO2 Viscosification for Improvement in Safety and Efficiency of Aquifer Sequestration, CO2-Improved Oil Recovery and other Broad Applications”

22th of February 2024. 14:00 hs. FEQ´s Defense Room. Building D


Prof. Udo Fritsching, PhD

Leibniz Institute for Materials Engineering-IWT, Badgasteiner Str. 3, 28359 Bremen, Germany

The Prof. Udo Fritsching carries out academic research at the Department of Process Engineering at the Leibniz Institute for Materials Engineering (IWT), the Centre for Materials and Processes and he is a professor at the University of Bremen, Germany.

Seminar: “Emulsification of bio-active ingredients – from molecular to process level”

30th of November 2023 10:00 hs FEQ´s Main Hall Building D


Prof. Vladimir Mironov MD, PhD

FAPERJ Visiting Professor
The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Director of 3D Bioprinting Center – The Moscow University of Physics and Engineering (The Nuclear University), Moscow, Russia
Leading scientist – Regenerative Medicine Institute Sechenov Moscow Medical University, Moscow, Russia

Seminar: “Organ printing: from idea to clinical translation”

24th of August 2023. 09:00 hs.  FEQ´s Main Hall. Building D


Profª Juliana Puello Méndez 

School of Chemical Engineering
Universidad San Buenaventura

Seminar “Hazards in delayed coking units”

25th of August 2023. 13:00 hs. – YouTube @PPGFEQ

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O Programa de Pós-Graduação em Engenharia Química da Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP) tem por finalidade habilitar, em suas diversas áreas de concentração, profissionais de nível superior para desenvolver atividades ligadas à pesquisa, docência e desenvolvimento científico e tecnológico no campo da Engenharia Química. O Curso de Pós-Graduação foi iniciado em março de 1980 no nível de Mestrado e em março de 1989 no nível de Doutorado. As atividades de ensino e pesquisa estão concentradas na Área de Concentração em Engenharia Química, e são desenvolvidas no âmbito dos departamentos:

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