This book was conceived in one of the most critical periods in the contemporary history of humanity, impacted by the new coronavirus pandemic. How to teach in a virtual classroom without natural feedback from people? Learning results from the need to recognize that education is the light against the shadow of denialism. Sim, use technical concepts to talk about moving average filters, feedback actions, the importance of observing the dynamics of processes for effective control over everyday situations, as well as the pandemic itself. In a time of seclusion, it was possible to feel the breath of hope and tranquility coming from Ana Maria Frattini Fileti when she said. “Ok, you have me too. Everything is under control". That way, don't expect a classic process control book, because they will have a humanized book in their hands, based on case studies to provide a simple and necessary understanding of automatic control.

Author: Ana Maria Frattini Fileti

Editora Blucher

This book is a valuable resource for researchers, scientists and advanced students involved in biopolymer science, polymeric membranes and films, polymer chemistry and materials science, as well as for those in industry and academia seeking to develop materials for advanced applications in healthcare. , food science, environment or energy industries.

Author: Mariana Agostini de Moraes, Classius Ferreira da Silva and Rodrigo Silveira Vieira

Elsevier Publisher

This book addresses the diffusion of matter in conventional media, such as in gases, liquids, membranes, crystalline and porous solids, starting with stochastic diffusion, followed by the study of mass diffusion from characteristic mechanisms. The chapters are transdisciplinary in nature., presenting problems that go beyond technique to establish dialogic relationships with other fields of knowledge. After the problem statement, the theoretical foundation is presented, followed by the technical solution of the problem. This structure allows the use of the book in its entirety or in parts, because the work was idealized as a textbook for a mass transfer discipline, as well as support material, since the chapters can be used individually in other disciplines in the academic universe, as well as in sectors that operate in transformation processes, in a multidisciplinary way, as well as the statement of the problem, in another area of ​​expertise or knowledge other than Chemical Engineering.

Author: Marco Aurélio Cremasco and Alessandra Suzin Bertan

Editora Blucher

The content of the book is the fruit of the last 12 years in which the fluid mechanics module was taught in Brazil, in Colombia, in the United States and the United Kingdom. Along this journey, it was increasingly observed that the available literature was extremely long and that sometimes it focused on purely mathematical concepts and at other times it was superficial and, to a certain extent, too pragmatic. It then remained for the reader to have long hours of study to complete each module normally presented in fluid mechanics courses.. However, in various undergraduate and graduate courses, the student rarely attends only the fluid mechanics module, and in this way it was observed the difficulty of the student in complementing the subject addressed in the classroom. This work intends to fill this gap., bringing to the reader all the mathematical rigor with physical interpretations of the analyzed situations.

Author: Sávio Souza Venâncio Vianna

E-paper Publisher

The book brings concepts about synthesis, the structure and characterization of reinforced polymeric nanocomposites, about everything, with carbon nanotubes, graphene and cellulose nanocrystals.

Authors: Filipe Vargas Ferreira, Marcos Mariano, Ivanei Ferreira Pinheiro, Liliane Maria Ferrareso Lona, Lucia Helena Innocentini May

UNICAMP Publisher–synthesis-characterization-and-properties

in this work, topics such as history of mass diffusion are addressed, effect of thermodynamics on matter diffusion, molecular transport mechanisms in gases, liquids, supercritical fluids, membranes, crystalline solids, nanocrystalline and porous, as well as in multicomponent systems.

Author: Marco Aurélio Cremasco

Editora Blucher

To summarize the innovative concept of this project, it is emphasized that no university evolves, in fact, without being compared to others in measuring their progress.. In the comparative plan, not only Brazilian institutions are included., but counterparts from other countries that have long frequented the top positions in global rankings.

Authors: Jacques Marcovitch; Aluísio Cotrim Insured; Antonio Carlos Marques; Carlos Antonio Luque; Carlos Augusto Vergani; Cleopatra da Silva Planet; Elizabeth Balbachevsky; Stephen Gamba; Fabio Sampaio Rosas; Fernando Hashimoto; Franz Kaiser; Gabriela De Brelàz; William Wolff Bueno; Helber Holland; João Eduardo Ferreira; José Antônio Rocha Gontijo; José Augusto Chaves Guimarães; Justin Axel-Berg; Lidiane C. Silva; Mariluce Moura; Marisa Masumi Beppu; Milena Pavan Serafim; Nina Ranieri; Renze Kolster; Roger Mugnaini; Sabine Righetti; Solange Maria dos Santos; Soraya Soubhi Smaili; Teresa Dib Zambon Atvars; Vuokko Kohtamäki

USP Publisher

Microfluidics represents great potential for design, development, and optimization of chemical processes, and chemical engineering reinforces the design of industrial process designs often found in large chemical plants. Gaskets, microfluidics and chemical engineering can lead to a more complete and comprehensive process.

Authors: Harrson silva santana, João Lameu da Silva Jr, Osvaldir Pereira Taranto

IGI Global Publisher

This book treats modeling and simulation in a simple way., which is based on existing knowledge and students' intuition.. They will learn how to build a model and solve it using Excel.

Author: Liliane Maria Ferrareso Lona

Springer Publisher

This book is inserted in the field of knowledge of unit operations related to the phenomenon of transport of movement quantity. It addresses a set of operations involving fluid transport and fluid-particle physical interaction in transport operations, mixing and mechanical separation between solid-fluid phases and between different particulates.

Author: Marco Aurélio Cremasco

Editora Blucher

Alexis de Tocqueville, contemplating emerging technology in America, in the middle of the century 19, summarized a good governance premise: “a new world calls for new policies”. Today, to use a very close reference, the movement to adapt São Paulo state universities to the demands of the new times could not come from just one institution, in isolation. It was unanimous, thus, the decision of its Council of Rectors (Crossp), in the sense of undertaking a joint study, of the three universities, on policies to be adopted and define the ideal digital basis for measurement, registration and dissemination of your academic performance.

Authors: Jacques Marcovitch; José Goldemberg; Justin Axel-Berg; Sabine Righetti; Solange Maria dos Santos; Luiz Nunes de Oliveira; Maria Cláudia Cabrini Grácio; Fabio Sampaio Rosas; Nina Ranieri; Renato Pedrosa; Michael Waldhelm Pereira; Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz; Karen Shimizu; João Eduardo Ferreira; Raul Machado; Aluisio Cotrim Insured; Marisa Masumi Beppu; Helber Holland; José Augusto Chaves Guimarães

To work, born from the Inova Capacita Project, aims to share experiences that can be replicated by Technological Innovation Centers in the process of being implemented in Brazil. The book has the participation of 64 authors, that represent 14 institutions that are part of the Network, and is divided into five thematic sections, being them: Technology portfolio management; Challenges for negotiation and partnerships; The role of NITs in promoting entrepreneurship; Innovation indicators for NITs; Communication and marketing in NITs; and Management Challenges in NITs.

Organizers: Milton Mori, Vanessa Regina Russian Sense, Raquel Moutinho Barbosa, Marina Rezende Nania

PCN Publisher

The book is a collection of texts containing various approaches to bioplastics, written by different authors, with your own vision and experience in the field.. The aim is to transmit knowledge and clarify doubts on a technical-scientific level that covers readers beyond our university borders. It sets up an extremely important theme, discussed not world everything, mainly in countries that favor sustainable development. The reader will notice that the numerous uses of these ecologically viable materials span different and important areas, being one of the very interesting alternatives for the Brazilian market.

organizer: Lucia Helena Innocentini May

UNICAMP Publisher–you biodegrade—biobased

To be an entrepreneur is to pursue a life goal and, about everything, have the resilience to deal with the obstacles of the journey., which are big. And it is about overcoming these challenges that the book “Unicamp, 50 Years – A History of Innovation and Entrepreneurship”.

Author: Paulo Cesar Nascimento

Editorial Project Coordinator: Milton Mori

Publisher Inova Unicamp

Sugarcane has attracted a lot of interest for its potential as a viable renewable energy crop. Although the use of sugarcane juice for ethanol production has been in practice for years, a new focus on the use of the fibrous product known as bagasse for the production of renewable fuels and bio-based chemicals is growing. The success of these efforts and the development of new sugarcane varieties could greatly increase the use of sugarcane and sugarcane biomass as fuels, while increasing the sustainability and competitiveness of the industry.

Organizers: Ian O’Hara, Sagadevan Mundree

Chapter 12: Integrated first- and second-generation processes for bioethanol production from sugarcane

Authors: Marina Oliveira de Souza Dias, Otávio Cavalett, Rubens Maciel Filho and Antonio Bonomi

Editora Wiley

This book presents information about the Brazilian saga of production and use of vehicle ethanol. It was held in commemoration of the 40 years of the launch of Proálcool, which happened in november of 1975. The authors highlight the most relevant facts of this trajectory, especially from the point of view of the advances in science and technology of sugarcane ethanol in Brazil and the relationship between research carried out by the private and public sectors.

Coordinator: Luís Augusto Barbosa Cortez

Editora Blucher

In this publication we present the practice of basic procedures, recommendations for obtaining the best quality of samples and the results of some research related to physical characterizations, chemical and thermal of the most varied types of biomass, these being residual and energy planting.

Authors: Luísa Azevedo Higuchi, Katia TannousPublishing company:

This book presents phenomenological research., experimental and theoretical, as well as market criteria and business models relating to the development of small and large scale chemical and energy plants.

Author: Katia Tannous

IGI Global Publisher

Mass transfer is present in several processes, from the simplest, like dissolving sugar in a cup of coffee, even the most complex, like those present in the chemical industries, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals, in the control of pollution and drying of cereals. Anyway, in any process where you want to separate or add a certain component in a given mixture.

Author: Marco Aurélio Cremasco

Editora Blucher

This book seeks to show the importance of Chemical Engineering and how it is present in people's daily lives. The intention is to be an introductory book in which chemical formulas and mathematical equations are left for another opportunity, aiming to clarify aspects about the formation of the chemical engineer. Seek-se, therefore, understand Chemical Engineering through areas and fields of activity of its professional, as well as the products and services arising from its activities. In addition, there is a concern to contextualize the profession through the presentation of a little of the world and national history of the Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering, as well as the responsibilities and skills desired by the chemical engineer, highlighting the importance of Ethics as a guide for their actions.

Author: Marco Aurélio Cremasco

Editora Blucher

This project is a collective effort with contributions from 137 researchers of 82 institutions in 24 countries.

One of the results of the project is a synthesis of the volume of knowledge. This is an ebook with more than 700 pages derived from an assessment that included a meeting held at UNESCO, Paris, in december of 2013. Experts discussed the sustainability of bioenergy throughout its lifeline, including land use, raw material, conversion technologies and social impacts, environmental and economic aspects of the expansion of bioenergy in the world.

Organizers: Glaucia Mendes Souza, Reynaldo L. Victoria, Carlos A. Joly, Luciano M. Truth

The Sustainable Biofuels for Aviation Project in Brazil proposed and implemented an enriching experience involving important stakeholders from different sectors of Brazilian society: government sector, farming, aviation industry, regulatory agencies, NGOs, universities and research institutions. The Project proved to be an endogenous creative production, a Brazilian contribution to a sustainable aviation industry.

Authors: Luís Augusto Barbosa Cortez, Francisco Emílio Baccaro Nigro, André M. Nassar, Heitor Cantarella, Luiz Augusto Horta Nogueira, Márcia Azanha Ferraz Dias de Moraes, Rodrigo Lima Verde Leal, Telma Teixeira Franco, Ulf Schuchardt

Editora Blucher

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has gained enormous popularity in recent years as a specialty treatment option., including orthopedics, Dentistry, sports medicine, Otolaryngology, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Urology, Vascular surgery, Cardiothoracic and Maxillofacial, and Veterinary Medicine. Nowadays, PRP and stem cell science have added an exciting dimension to tissue repair.

Authors: José Fábio Santos Duarte Lana, Maria Helena Andrade Santana, William Dias Belangero, Angela Cristina Malheiros Luzo

Springer Publisher

The book provides a comprehensive overview of biological and engineering concepts related to mammalian and insect cell technology., as well as an overview of the applications of animal cell technology. Besides 1 The book covers the fundamentals on which this technology is based and covers the science that supports the technology.. Besides 2 covers applications from the production of therapeutic proteins to gene therapy. The chapter authors are internationally recognized in the field of animal cell culture research and have extensive experience in the areas covered in their respective chapters..

Organizers: Leda Castilho, Angela Maria Moraes, Elisabeth Augusto, Mike Butler

Editora taylor & Francis

Animal Cell Cultivation Technology: from Biopharmaceuticals to Gene Therapy

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is a flourishing field of research and of great importance for the study of Bioprocess Engineering, Chemical engineering, biology, Microbiology, biomedicine, Chemistry and Pharmacy. Animal Cell Cultivation Technology: from Biopharmaceuticals to Gene Therapy, counts on the experience of researchers from eight countries, bringing to the reader the advances achieved in the last two decades in cloning and expression of heterologous proteins, cell growth and death, culture media and metabolism, in addition to aspects of the use of bioreactors and work processes with cells and their products. It's a complete book on animal cell cultivation..

Organizers: Angela Maria Moraes, Elisabeth F. August saucer, Leda R. Castilho

Editor Roca

Agitation and mixing in the industry is a work aimed at professionals who make use of the agitation and mixing operation in the process industry, as to undergraduate and graduate engineering students, since there is no reference in the Portuguese language that addresses this subject. As clearly as possible, without prejudice to the quality of the information, the main topics related to the theme are addressed.: Basic Concepts of Agitation and Mixing, showing the use of dimensionless numbers and design variables.

Authors: Jose Roberto Nunhez; Celso Fernandes Joaquim Júnior; Ephraim Cekinski; Luiz Carlos Urenha

Editora LTC

Authors: Fabiano A. N. Fernandes, Liliane Maria Ferrareso Lona

Booka Editor

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