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Selective process – Master's and Doctorate

The Graduate Commission of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering of the State University of Campinas publishes the Public Notice for the opening of registrations and establishes the rules for the process
selection process.. Documents must be e-mailed to Graduate Office..

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Graduate Seminar Series

The Graduate Seminar Series is a seminar forum that is conducted entirely in English.. Seminars are available on our YouTube channel:

Graduate Seminar Series

Prof. Udo Fritsching, PhD

Leibniz Institute for Materials Engineering-IWT, Badgasteiner Str. 3, 28359 Bremen, Germany

The Prof. Udo Fritsching carries out academic research at the Department of Process Engineering at the Leibniz Institute for Materials Engineering (IWT), the Centre for Materials and Processes and he is a professor at the University of Bremen, Germany.

Seminar: “Emulsification of bio-active ingredients – from molecular to process level”

30th of November 2023 10:00 hs FEQ´s Main Hall Building D


Prof. Vladimir Mironov MD, PhD

FAPERJ Visiting Professor
The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Director of 3D Bioprinting Center – The Moscow University of Physics and Engineering (The Nuclear University), Moscow, Russia
Leading scientist – Regenerative Medicine Institute Sechenov Moscow Medical University, Moscow, Russia

Seminar: “Organ printing: from idea to clinical translation”

24th of August 2023. 09:00 hs. FEQ´s Main Hall. Building D


Professor Juliana Puello Méndez

School of Chemical Engineering
Saint Bonaventure University

Seminar “Hazards in delayed coking units”

25th of August 2023. 13:00 hs. – YouTube @PPGFEQ

Welcome to the School of Chemical Engineering Graduate Program Page

The Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) aims to enable, in its various areas of concentration, higher education professionals to develop activities related to research, teaching, and scientific and technological development in the field of Chemical Engineering. The Graduate Course was started in March 1980 1980 at the Master's level and in March 1989 at the Doctoral level. The teaching and research activities are concentrated in the Chemical Engineering Concentration area, and are developed within the following departments:

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