The courses presented in the link (click here) are some of the subjects taught at the FEQ at the master's level., fit into one of the four areas: Thermodynamics, Kinetics/Catalysis/Reactors, Math, and Transport Phenomena.

The student entering the Master's must choose at least three subjects from different areas of these four areas.

The student entering the doctorate must complete these subjects, if you have not taken them during the master's. Equivalences of disciplines from other programs will be evaluated by the Graduate Committee during the pre-selection for the doctorate.

The remaining credits must be completed with other subjects, inside and outside the FEQ, at the discretion of the advisor and the department, according to the minimum credit required by the FEQ rules (17 credits in master's, 10 doctoral credits) and in accordance with the maximum credits allowed by the UNICAMP Postgraduate Regiment.

There is variation in the subjects offered in the first and second semester. Information about the courses offered in the current semester can be found on the Homepage of the website.

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