CCPG NORMATIVE INSTRUCTION 001/2015 – (pregnant leave)

CPG/FEQ NORMATIVE RESOLUTION-004/2015 – (Provides for the granting of Certificates of Improvement or Specialization in the Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering.)

CPG/FEQ INSTRUCTION 001/2016 – Defines procedures for the validation of mandatory and elective courses taken by special students

CPG/FEQ NORMATIVE INSTRUCTION 002/2018 – Defines procedures for requesting leave for exchange

CPG/FEQ NORMATIVE INSTRUCTION 003/2018 – Defines the number of subjects taken by students entering a Master's Degree

CPG/FEQ NORMATIVE INSTRUCTION 002/2019 – (Defines the minimum qualification for the acceptance of students in the FEQ Doctoral Course – UNICAMP.)

CIRCULAR OFFICE PRPG No. 001/2019 – Research ethics statements

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